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Robyn Pratt

Robyn is a highly experienced hospitality professional with 40+ years of experience spanning General Management, Culture Building, Brand Strategy and Execution, Change Management, Mindset Change and Project Leadership at all levels.

Prior to founding Impact Consulting, Robyn held the position of Vice President and Brand Leader for Design and Luxury Brands for Starwood Hotels, Europe, Africa, and Middle East.

She is a Proctor Gallagher Institute Coach, and based upon insights gained from her Mentor Bob Proctor, she works with individuals and teams to support their growth and development. She is an Affiliate of Leadership Alliance International, where she provides Leadership Coaching and programme support for Fortune 50 companies.

Following her experience with a six month loss of memory after a medical procedure, Robyn wrote and published “To Build a Lifetime”, where she shares her learnings from this experience when facilitating workshops related to the power of communication and dealing with change.

You can watch Robyn's self development videos in our Wellbeing Hub here