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Michelle Marie Galea

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Michelle Marie Galea, Assistant Curator at the Wignacourt Museum in Rabat, obtained her Master of Arts in History of Art at the University of Malta in 2011. Her dissertation entitled ‘The Private Works of Giuseppe Cali (1846-1930)’ seeks to fill an extensive gap in the research on the artist, whose praise is based mostly on the works he executed in several churches in Malta and Gozo.

Born into a family of artists, Michelle's interest is not tied down solely to researching and studying art, but also in producing her own artwork, which has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Malta. Stemming from generations of watercolourists, she works in different mediums with her preference being oils and pastels. Her style is bold and expressive, as each work coveys not just an acute sense of observation, but even more so of emotions. 

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