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Bea Totok

As a certified Nutrition coach and Personal Trainer, Ketogenic living coach and Children’s Fitness Instructor, Bea Totok is passionate about bringing clarity to practical healthy living. As a mother herself, juggling work, family, fitness and nutrition, Bea is determined to show to busy parents as well as independent women and men how to set up a healthy, physically active lifestyle with ease and efficacy. 

For years she worked impossibly long hours in her full-time position while running her own personal training business on the side. Raising her daughter as a single parent didn’t make life easier but equipped her with the tools and skills needed for a balanced wellbeing. 

She believes that diet and nutrition cannot be regarded as an individual section but as an integral part of the whole unit we call lifestyle, and therefore changes, adaptations, modifications will always have to be done in harmony with all areas of life. Bea doesn’t believe in a single “best diet” or meal plans, instead, emphasising her client’s unique life experiences, relationships with food and with their own body, she creates a custom action plan that supports them slowly adjusting their existing habits towards their best version of themselves. She specialises in providing deep and meaningful coaching experiences to those who struggle with weight issues due to stress, lack of time and unwanted lifestyle habits and committed to providing a deep and meaningful coaching experience through mentoring, guiding and holding her clients accountable to implement the positive choices they’ve chosen to make. 

Bea will bring us content on a weekly basis and you can also contact her for more information.


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